Welcome to Sins of a Solar Empire II: Dev Journal 1

Published on Thursday, September 15, 2022 By Yarlen In Sins II Dev Journals

Welcome friends!

Stardock and Ironclad Games are very happy you're here. For more than a decade we've been asked, "Sins 2 when?" We're happy to finally tell you - it's coming!  So feed your pink space ponies and power-up your phase engines because we have a lot in store!


Where are we starting?
If you've pre-ordered the game, we'll be starting with a single-player engine test in Fall 2022 featuring TEC Loyalists. Things won't be content complete, but you'll be able to experience the new gameplay systems, refinements, abilities and more. We think you'll find gameplay in Sins II to be even deeper than the original; allowing you to discover new strategies and ways to play. 


What won't it have initially?  

  • Other races/factions
  • Starbases
  • Titans
  • Superweapons
  • A fair amount of art will not be finished yet, so you'll see Sins 1 assets being re-used in places
  • Multiplayer
  • Great AI


So... where are we going?
We hope to have the TEC Rebels in your hands this winter for starters, along with more art, sound, music and more. Multiplayer will be coming in early 2023 and then onto Vasari!

As we get closer to the playable build, you'll see us talk a lot more about what to expect, so stay tuned! Feel free to post on our official forums here or on our Discord server to say hi. 

The next year is going to be incredible!



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