Published on Thursday, September 15, 2022 By ribuh_7 In Sins of a Solar Empire II

In the online community, some of the players actually made charts and calculated what ships are actually strong and which are bottom tier. Despite high costs utility cruisers, planet bombers and some capital ships were the underdogs no matter what and soon you would only see Marza or Akkan openers for TEC and usually only Progen and sometimes Radiance for the Advent. 
Making every ship viable (or at least excel at their role) would be important to make diverse fleet comps instead of spamming light frigates only. 

Most cruisers had little to no use and where only niche (except for repair cruisers usually or carriers)... a bit sad as their prices were so high.

I think I speak for every Soase fan that we are all very excited about this game! Please stick true to the roots of the game but also implement a few of our requests! 

Thank you so much!