Platform Worries

Published on Saturday, September 17, 2022 By Dustnblood In Sins of a Solar Empire II

I still can't believe they announced Sins of a Solar Empire 2. It's been on my mind non stop since I learned about it. I love the new ship designs for TEC at least, since it looks like they now rose as a true power and have created actual war machines instead of refitting old trade ships.

I do have one concern though. Seeing that it's being made with the intention of being for every/a lot of platforms instead of a sole PC game, I fear that it might be...dumbed down?

I get the point of wanting to reach out for other gamers to have access to the game. I think that's fantastic actually. But the nature of the game, being strategy/tactics with many many units...and as we've seen with new features, will it be manageable on a controller? Or will the fluidity and navigation within the game on the PC be limited due to trying to make it easier without a mouse and keyboard?

Historically, strategy games on consoles are possible, but extremely more difficult. Command and Conquer on the N64 comes to mind. Childhood PTSD.

What are your guy's thoughts?