Few questions and requests

Published on Saturday, September 17, 2022 By Timmaigh In Sins of a Solar Empire II

First of all, i am so happy after long wait,  we are finally getting new Sins game. Rebellion is my most favourite game ever, even beating the masterpiece that Homeworld is, so thank you for making it happening. Cant wait for 27th October.

Now onto the relevant stuff:

I did read the PC Gamer article and the way it was worded, it seems to me as if you are starting with one of the 3 main factions and then branch into loyalist/rebel in game. Is this true or did i misunderstand it? Not that its that important to me, either way its tackled is fine with me, just curious to find out about the game itself. Other thing, it got mentioned that only TEC gets trade lanes, does it mean no trade for the other factions anymore?

The article is mostly superficial, it does touch lot of things, but not in much detail. I do remember reading IGN article, interview with Blair Fraser back in fall 2011, when Rebellion was announced, and it did say a lot about new gameplay mechanics, differences between the factions - i would love to see something similar, more details on whats planned gameplay-wise. That interview alone, made me extremely excited for the game.

Now regarding my "requests":

Based on the available screenshots, it seems you are sticking to unit design from original game, seeing Kol and Akkan being rather similar in looks to original - i just want to commend you on that decision and i hope its true for lot of other stuff. Now i indeed want to see some new models/ship designs, but for love of god, do not change the basic shapes and designs of your iconic units - things like Marza, Rapture, Discord, Kortul, Vulkoras, Argonev, Orkulus, Vorastra, Ragnarov, Coronata, etc.., etc... - all of these were very cool looking, fairly original and really gave the game its own feel (just like blocky colorful Homeworld ships give HW its feel) - so please, give these higher poly models with more details, moving turrets when needed, better textures, but keep their basic shapes intact.

The other gameplay related thing - Vasari Loyalists were my fav faction ingame, and since Vasari faction is apparently quite some time in the future, perhaps its not exactly decided what changes and additions will be made there, so i would like to have few suggestions. Most importantly, i would love to see their fully mobile philosophy to be doubled down - whatever way you find fit. Maybe start without planets right away, i dont know. I would certainly love to see their Titan to have that "mobile homeworld" characteristic, so perhaps aside dropping phasegates let it actually construct ships and on top of the levelable abilities have some upgrades on it like is the case with Starbases, i mean additional colony pods, research labs, etc...

Overall i would not mind deeper differences between factions, with Rebellion i felt the Loyalist factions were fine, fairly unique with strong character all of them, but all the Rebel ones could have used more unique stuff to make them stand out - to me it basically came down to like one or 2 techs (Truce between Rogues, Starbase Mobilization) and the unique Titan - and that was not quite enough. More differences in there please!