Important note about control groups and factories with respect to moving planets

Published on Monday, September 19, 2022 By Pbhead In Sins II Feedback

Ok. I think the idea of rotating planets is a really cool thing and all. but. I have a note which I would like to mention.

Sins of a solar empire has historically done a good job with preemptive commands. To explain: queuing up one technology after another... or telling a StarBase constructor to build a StarBase, even though you don't have the money for it quite yet.  This is a million times better than say, starcraft 2 which will tell you 'not enough minerals' and will have you button mashing the build button until the command finally goes through. 

In order for Sins 2 to be the best it can be, I want request a sort of extension upon this idea.

 One of the major failures of the top RTS games currently, even Starcraft 2, and AOE4, every time you create a unit, you have to add it to your control groups.  I thus ask for the ability to tell a factory or group of factories to output its 'output' to control groups automatically.

This will be even more important when those factories are moving.   I don't know how it will be in sins 2, but in sins 1 I would always have something like, filler ships on 1, capital ships on 2, support ships on 3, factories on 4 and 5.    A good portion of my game time, was zooming away from the battle to select freshly made ships all spread out along their waypoint path, and add them to their proper groups.   If those waypoint paths are now even more chaotic with moving planets?  I hope you can imagine how it would be very easy for ships not yet a part of hot key groups to get a bit lost.

Thusly, please, on the factory or planet, have a button, when you click it, you are given the options of 1234567890 and whichever ones you select, ships created by that particular factory instantly are part of those control groups, and can instantly be selected upon their creation by those hotkeys. 

This would effectively give the player the ability to have a 'all army hotkey' and a custom 'all army hotkey of all old ships and all new ships, except the specific ships I told to do something else'  which i think would be a literal game changer for the RTS genre.

If you want to do something very similar to Ashes, with its ability for groups of units to automatically request reinforcements to their armies, then again those reinforcements should both join the army and its control groups.  The main failing of the ashes army system was if the commander unit died, and the main failing of the sins fleet system was ships focusing too much on maintaining formation, but all that is a completely different can of worms