Redarding ability to block missiles with your ship

Published on Friday, October 7, 2022 By LTWINPWNHUNTER1242 In Sins of a Solar Empire II

After reading How Combat And War Has Changed? I am slightly worried about Corvette spam being more broken compared to Sins 1. In Sins 1, people can build a fleet and use corvettes as meat sheild, causing ships auto attacks to focus them rather than capital ships.

With the new ability for ship weapons to focus targets individually and how ships can block incoming damage. I feel as though the Corvette spam will become more broken. Even though its a valid tactic in Ender Game, in PvP i feel as it will be overpowered. A player can swarm their fleet and cause the AI or ships turrets to focus on them leaving no weapons to attack capital ships.

And i also dont think it would stop with Corvettes as a swarm of any ships will cause the same issues. I dont know if there are any features that havent been mentioned that would counteract this but it may be a issue that will need to be resolved if it does become a viable issue