Rare/Limited Resource Deposits

Published on Friday, October 21, 2022 By QuestionableObject In Sins of a Solar Empire II

So while scouring for any info I could find on SoaSE 2 I found an interview article that made mention of things like Starbases being limited by rare finite resources scattered across the map.

This gave me a bit of pause as I'm not really a fan of finite resources, especially in large scale games. Of course we've yet to actually try it and it might be fine but I feel like it'd be much better if these "rare resources" if they're still a thing were infinite like Metal & Crystal but had fewer deposits or slower trickles or maybe even a diminishing trickle that starts off larger when you first discover the rare resource then peters off as you exploit it until it becomes a slow trickle. Or perhaps a late game tech/option to synthesize the special resources at cost.

Again I'm not gonna throw a tizzy about it until I actually get to try it and see whether I really have any reason to feel iffy about it but yeah the idea gives me a weird vibe. Like it just doesn't really feel right, even conceptually.