first 2 hours of gameplay

Published on Thursday, October 27, 2022 By celtic09 In Sins of a Solar Empire II


very happy that i got a chance to play sins2, i only played for around 2 hours as i have things to do just now.

there is obviously a new layout for menu's and actions, that will take some getting used to, there only seems to be research stations, so no more military and civilian stations. gameplay looks good in my opinion, i wasnt expecting anything over the top and i really like the original sins game so didnt want it changed too much,

i colonised my first 4 or 5 planets, immediatly building metal and crystal miners, in sins 2 you dont just click on asteroid to build miner, you have to upgrade planet with miners, then build miners on the asteroids, i dont know if i like this but im sure i will get used to it, i think it now costs more, but maybe there is research to lower cost.

i lost my capital ship and didnt get any message or warning that its lost, i went into enemy planet thinking i had time to do planet upgrades, then re-zoom back to capital ship, but no, there was an enemy fleet there that wiped the floor with my 1 capital ship.

after a while i built up resources, trade stations and built 4 new capital ships with some javs and cobalts.

i like the new trade port system, you have to link trade ports to trade or in my case leave it on auto so it does it without my input.

took my new fleet back to enemy and destroyed there fleet of maybe 15-20 ships in under a minute, they had lots of cobalts and some carriers, they didnt stand a chance , then i had take a break from playing.

one thing that really annoys me is i have not found a way to group my ships into a fleet yet, im not sure if the option is there or not but i cant find it, also black market, i cant find how to buy and sell metal and crystal, the option says i have not discovered it yet, so i looked through research tree and i still cant find it. maybe someone here can tell me how?

anyways thats all for now, will update as i play more