Mouse rotation not working via steam remote play

Published on Saturday, November 5, 2022 By Warp4th In Sins II Support

Hi all,

I love the idea of a SOASE 2 so I went ahead and got the preview version on Epic. However, my wife insisted that the game PC be moved to the attic, well out of sight.

For gaming I'm mostly using Steam remote play and stream it to my laptop. In this case I added the game to Steam and then I can use this feature, even though it's not published on there.

Now everything works fine except this one thing, which is the camera rotation. When I right-click and move the mouse on my game PC it lets me look around the ships and such. When I try the same thing using a mouse connected to my laptop, it just spins the top-down view really fast.

I've ensured that the host and client resolutions match, that no display scaling is used, etc. Nothing I've tried fixes it though.

While I understand this streaming method is not supported at all, does anybody happen to have an idea on how to work around this issue?