Honestly, I would have been most happy with a HD 64bit remake

Published on Saturday, November 12, 2022 By WoodenCrate1438 In Sins of a Solar Empire II

The more I play this... and yes, i know its technical one so lacking so much. But already the changes are mostly detrimental.   

I would have been happy with a visual upgrade and making it 64bit/multi-core so we could have seen the 10,000 ship, multi solar system running smooth.  

Now... graphics are nice looking, if a little too cartoonish, the changes on how worlds work, the limited space for upgrading, the piss poor research list instead of tree and how its researched, the weak ass capital ships...

The mods that many spent over a decade refining and balancing are moot for a Sins 2.

So i bought it on Epic (which i loathed doing but wanted to support) for only this game.  Now I'm going to shuffle this and Epic into the drawer and mayhap look at it again in a couple years.  

In the mean time back to Sins Reb with the awesome Star Wars, Halo, Federation mods and other games that have not ripped apart a tried and true.


I should add... I get its really early. But too many developers "try" to make something better instead of tweaking the tried and true.  Especially on a game that has been around for 15 years.  So I guess what i am saying is...