Sins of a Solar Empire II - November Technical Preview Changelog

Published on Tuesday, November 15, 2022 By Yarlen In Sins II Support

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We're mid-way through November and development has been iterating internally based on the feedback we've gotten from players. This is a stability update to resolve issues we saw from the initial release while the team continues to work on December's larger update which includes new content.

NOTE:  This update is not save game compatible.

Change Log:


  • Added ability to bid on NPC auctions with exotics
  • Added input key mappings to settings folder
    • Located in C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\sins2_pre_alpha\settings\input_bindings.json
    • Will be hooked into the game GUI at a later date
  • Added setting to have the Escape key open the escape menu
  • Added social link buttons
  • Added the ability to execute commands while the game is paused
  • Added alert to help track down save game corruption
  • Added auto-save of recorded games on errors
  • Added localized names for strikecraft_kinds
  • Added research prerequisite for targeting array
  • Added version label to front end


  • Fixed assert within try_auto_save_recording
  • Fixed assert (!_is_mouse_button_down[mouse_button])
  • Fixed bug in AI guard mission priority
  • Fixed corrupt damage being added
  • Fixed crash when clicking on a trade port ability button before upgraded
  • Fixed crash if you clicked a notification with a released unit
  • Fixed crash in fleet_info adding units without health
  • Fixed crash querying required planet level
  • Fixed crash when saving the game while an auction is active
  • Fixed crash when some AI players removed from lobby
  • Fixed crash with auto-save recording
  • Fixed flaw in AI bid evaluation algorithm
  • Fixed font alert due to unicode characters in names
  • Fixed move segment lines not showing up when giving orders while paused
  • Fixed Salvage Kit effect bindings
  • Fixed scouts taking paths that the player does not know the existance of
  • Fixed some weapon to effect alias name bindings
  • Fixed strikecraft launch order from not always working
  • Fixed unit item actions not matching max potential slots
  • Fixed use-NPC reward targeting not auto-closing NPC window
  • Fixed various Epic Online Services and overlay issues
  • Blocked being able to start a game with only one player
  • Changed user interface order lines to be real-time based


  • Improved DPI initialization
  • Improved notification cards
  • Improved NPC auction bid tooltips
  • Improved save game interactions
  • Improved some error descriptions to help track down outstanding issues
  • Improved various tooltip data presentation, layout, and behaviors
  • Increased default snap_to_unit_zoom_target_distance_to_cursor
  • Increased notification cards min velocity


  • Mapped pause game to Backspace key along with the Pause key
  • Moved exotic hotkey (F4) after NPC markets hotkey (F2) to match the top bar button order
  • Moved set phase lane and trade port to ability buttons
  • Moved set rally point to unit factory window
  • Moved set trade port on ships to the ability window
  • Changed it so the game will now pause if the escape menu is open in single-player
  • Renamed entity files to be strongly typed
  • Simplified Finest Hour and Desperation buffs
  • Switched Missile Guidance Computer and Rapid Autoloader to use buff modifier redirection to improve their tooltips
  • Changed toggle_npc_markets_window off of caps_lock
  • Updated EOS SDK to v1.15.3
  • Updated game to use Epic display name for user name if found