Sins II: Dev Journal 3 - The Akkan-Class Battlecruiser

Published on Wednesday, November 16, 2022 By Yarlen In Sins II Dev Journals

We continue our look at the key warships of the Trader Emergency Coalition with the Akkan-class battlecruiser.

The Akkan’s pre-war design had two main variants: one as a large colony transport ship, and the other as a leisure vessel. Once the war began, the Akkan was outfitted with heavier armor, weapons, and a basic hangar bay, though its primary role continued to be that of a transport.

Now after decades of conflict, the latest Akkan-class has taken on more of a command-and-control role on the battlefield. Many of the original weapon systems have been removed to be replaced with more dedicated colony pods, trade bays, and other support systems.

Akkan - Starboard View

Major Updates to the Akkan-class Battlecruiser

  • Hangar Removal & Mobile Trade Port: With their vast trade networks proving vital to the continued war efforts of the TEC, the Akkan’s hangar deck was removed in order to support a mobile trade port. This allows the Akkan to secure trade routes through dangerous areas of space and keep the vital flow of resources from being interrupted.

  • Enhanced Broadcast Systems: The Akkan is capable of hosting advanced broadcasting technology, which helps link and support allied units. This results in a bonus to weapon cooldown rates, greatly improving rates of fire against enemies.

  • Planetary Bombardment Cannon: A feature new to all of the TEC latest retrofits is the planetary bombardment cannon. This devastating weapon replaced the older Ion Cannon, which grew to be less effective against newer enemy designs.

Akkan - Port View



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