Balance doesn't feel right

Published on Monday, November 21, 2022 By Leuthesius In Sins II Feedback

So I'll throw a couple things up first.

I never play at 1x speed. I almost always play at at least 2x if not 4x, as I'm pretty much not interested in the multi-player thing unless its team versus AI. (I'm not the competitive type, more the cooperative type)

It might be because I'm used to Distant Stars on Sins1, but I just dropped 2 fleets on the pirate base and cracked it open like it was a rotten egg halfway broken already. It was a 20 second fight even on 2x. Granted, I'm late game, all research done, but it felt..... sad.

But prior to that I had a fight with another faction. Knockdown drag out. 

Lost 6 capital ships too quickly to catch it. But despite that, I had about 16 LRMF's, so I sniped their remaining 4 capital ships. Most had damage already, but it was fish in a barrel. 1-2 salvos per capital ship. The remainder of their fleet started to retreat as I was blowing up the last capital ship. They had that fleet dead to rights. Simply sniping caps sent them packing.

Is there nothing that counters LRM's? Flak? Gardas?

The missile spam is far too powerful. Even so, light frigates can teambang a capital ship far too easily at the start too. Capital ships don't feel 

They're supposed to be super-stronk, super armored, bastions of firepower. 1 capital ship with 50 supply, even an Akkan, should be able to match any other 50 supply of smaller ships and at least have a slim chance of survival on a similar tech level dependent on micro. Not a GOOD chance of survival mind you, but a slim one at the very least.