Flagship Suggestion

Published on Tuesday, November 22, 2022 By Zackshot2020 In Sins of a Solar Empire II

Hello guys... I've always play Flagship in Rebellion in any mod including famous Star Wars Interregnum mod... BUT its not that part of why i intended to push through this idea... IF any of you played Distant Star Mod.. then you get the point that im gonna explain here

1st of, DS mod dev team have managed to combine 2 of TEC capital ship in some form which i basically can say decent enough... For SINS 2 to have unique Flagship experience, i suggest using Dreadnought-type ship (not Marza ship) based on Maelstrom as base (not to make copycat here) and DS mod's combination ship model design.. then add 1 of E4X's Hero faction unit as its flagship as alternative of not using Flagship Victory Mode..


Admiral Kol, Commander Dyrenov, Captain Aurellion in E4X mod can be made into their own unique capital ship BUT here's the catch, in my opinion Loyalist faction flagship commandeered by Admiral Kol while Rebel faction lead by Commander Dyrenov.. 

Playing these new flagship w/out adding Flagship Victory Mode requires building it at Titan Foundry and takes 25% less time than titan itself.. Also.. its ship size is 50% bigger than most capital ship BUT still smaller than Titan which i labeled it Dreadnought-class (not the ship type)

++ Flagship ability should make a unique difference unlike in SINS 1 like Ultimate Offense that amplifies flagship's damage output, weapon cooldown & chance to hit WHILE Ultimate Defense focused on hull repair rate, shield restore rate & damage reduction... Both of it only works on 60seconds duration and its cooldown time took 240seconds... at max level (i think level 11 is best) its effect on all flagship ability increased 3x and its cooldown time reduced to 150seconds including Ultimate Offense & Defense

++++ Flagship basically have Cannot Be Disabled, Phase Jump Interference Immunity & Cannot Be Captured/Hijacked and when its HP drop below 25%, its Ultimate Defense ability amplified upto 5x level 1 or 2.5x level 11.. Also its firepower should also include the uniqueness of its Titan design

Example: TEC Ankylon have multiple heavy Beam Cannon while TEC Ragnarok have Railguns & Gauss Cannon

TEC loyalist specialize on defense & support which means that its model design should based on some part of Akkan Battlecruiser & Sova Carrier combination form while retain some of Kol Battleship base design... 

++ TO add.. its Experimental Beam Cannon should be supercharged version for flagship as its ultimate ability while its special ability should use Sova's Heavy Strike Craft & Akkan's Targeting Link ability combination which utilize fleet's effectiveness on their role

TEC rebel specialize on offense & firepower which means that its model design should based on some part of Kol Battleship & Corsev Battlecruiser combination form while retain some of Marza Dreadnought base design...

++ To add... its Railgun cannon have ability similar to Snipe in Sins 1 BUT this one excels in penetrating targeted armor over long-range BUT a bit shorter range instead as ultimate ability while its special ability should combine Marza's Missile Barrage & Corsev's Boarding Party which utilize maximizing firepower and sabotage in AoE fleet assault

FYI.. this idea is just my opinion and imagination by using existing mod as a base for this idea... No Offense here.. guys..


Feel free to think of something that represent these faction's unique symbol in battle for us all