Idea/suggestion - visual feedback of fleet breakdown (and other statistics)

Published on Thursday, November 24, 2022 By Shadowhal In Sins II Feedback

One problem that I sometimes had in Sins 1 was to quickly determine my opponent's fleets' strengths and weaknesses. It would take me a few moment to interpret how many of each ship type they had and what that meant for what I should counter them with, or whether I had the right fleet to counter them at the moment. I thought that a more visual display of the information would make those decisions easier.

I mocked up an example of what I meant below. This chart should clearly and quickly show that much of that fleet's composition is geared towards light frigates and, somewhat less, to Kols and capital ships in general. Based on Sins 1, such a fleet should have a weakness to long range missile ships and maybe heavy cruisers. Equally, you may not want to engage them if you invested heavily in light carriers.

Mini-breakdown of fleet composition

I used fleet supply as an underlying metric. I appreciate that's not a perfect metric because value is situational and it's just one of several resources. It also doesn't reflect varying utility of capital ships well as they rise in level (or depending on their loadouts). But those are surmountable problems if others agree that such a visual presentation would be helpful.

This need not be limited to analysing fleets btw. A similar presentation could benefit e.g. income (where do I get most credits from?) or relationship with other empires (what are the main factors why this faction loves/hates me?).