Capital Ship & Dreadnought

Published on Thursday, November 24, 2022 By Zackshot2020 In Sins of a Solar Empire II

I wanna make a suggestion related to existing capital ship and dreadnought-class (not type version which already exist in game) alongside new Titan IF possible

1st part is SINS all sub-faction should have newly-added units considering the advancing technology and escalating threat which basically common sense in any military in the world... SO here's the part... Using E4X as base for this idea, TEC, Ascended & VIR made a joint research of new ship, defense and so on via their one-of-a-kind triple alliance pact (Pact Part i'll get to that someday after i mentioned all needed parts.. not in this forum part).

Dreadnought-class warship should be built using Titan Foundry IF Ironclad don't wanna bother making another model dedicated for it.. There should be 2 for each faction minimal BUT 1 of it can be immediately built when researching tier 6 & above as both new dreadnought are experimental..

Here's the difference about 2nd dreadnought... IT can be researched at tier 7 & above BUT required completing the campaign using that factions (UNLESS Ironclad plans not to make it in SINS 2)

The same principle of building new experimental capital ship which basically 2 for each faction as well but 1 of it require completing the campaign... 

There are some more BUT I'll get to that part later once i study the needed info for further suggestion