Sins II: Dev Journal 4 - The Marza Dreadnought

Published on Wednesday, December 7, 2022 By Yarlen In Sins II Dev Journals

For our next installment of the key units of the Trader Emergency Coalition we have the Marza Dreadnought.

The Marza started its life as a mining ship, capable of blasting part asteroids for their raw materials to fuel the Trader worlds' economic expansion. As the war dragged on, it became apparent that the TEC needed a capital ship capable of laying siege to enemy worlds. The perfect choice for this role was to retrofit the Marza with a variety of devastating weapons.

The current incarnation of the Marza has been dedicated in large part to its missile banks and forward-mounted heavy gauss cannons. This has required some previous elements to be removed in order to accommodate the larger weapons' magazines being used.

Marza - Starboard

Major Updates to the Marza-class Dreadnought

  • Concussion Charge: Utilizing a joint launcher, the Marza is capable of launching a special concussion charge shell at enemy vessels. On detonation, this weapon not only inflicts area-of-effect damage but also temporarily disables enemy engines, weapons and repair systems.

  • Raze Planet: An update to the earlier Marza ability, the ship can be upgraded with special bombardment shells in its launcher cannon. These shells are able to be rapid-fired at a planetary surface, quickly inflicting demoralizing damage to the inhabitants.

  • Precision Targeting: Through the use of advanced systems and crew skill, the Marza is able to temporarily launch precision attacks against enemy ships. This pinpoint accuracy results in a significant damage boost.

  • Missile Barrage: The true power of the Marza is its missile barrage ability. Rapid-reloading launchers allow the Marza to devastate enemy targets with ease should they be unfortunate enough to be in its crosshairs.

Marza - Port


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