Personal feedback thread

Published on Thursday, December 15, 2022 By TomaSkTemplar In Sins II Feedback

So, the playable object is after some progress, I tried only 1.0.16, then 1.0.19 and later,

I did read at least some older, previous posts like that of 'Sovereign Echo', which ,apart from self-elevating rhetoric contained some actually very important things that I think you hopefully probably did take seriously. Like Akkan being unable to fire at the 'submerged' level. (if it is yaw or some other axis I constantly mix these terms, so I refer to subs, as to submerged level, I require/need English nowhere, I learned it mostly on my own here and there, not really practical for a thorough discussion)

'You' wrote in the 'propaganda' part of the official update that you made some design choices based on that feedback. On one hand, practical things might get  solved more immediately, but what is the expectation of what it should be like and how it should play.

Combat is in need of slowing a bit. How much exp a capship requires - 27000 instead of 7800 ? The Exp they give seems still from the SoasE:R values, while starbases regardless of upgrades (?) give 2k exp. Without Exp boost, a single capship needs to witness 13,5 such events. (Or 675 Cobalts, 3375 supply, or , 185 625 gold, 37125 metal) Planet bombing, once finished gives exp, good stuff. If I did some math error, I hope not, but if not then currently its excessive.

Starbase beams and missile targeting seem like being only able to shoot above the level of the starbase beams and missiles. Consider that the positions of the missiles is elevated above already.

Cobalts, when they chase, they tend to escort their targets - but their angle of fire is very much unable to come in an angle where they would fire until the target stops. They do not pursue a trajectory to meet the target (something like the Proportional navigation)

If you love the maths on that level you have my respect. No kidding, but something like this would be fine to make intercepts. Future target position, same for say a fighter, bomber, to not chase after, but to meet at a point where weapon releases. I had many more ideas, but I will post later.