The next generation of games

Published on Tuesday, December 20, 2022 By brodar2012 In Sins II Feedback

With Sins II being the next generation of games, what are some things that can make it stand out as the latest and greatest?

I ask, because if we end up with something that is just like Rebellion, except prettier and runs smoother, it will feel just like the game many people (including myself) have spent thousands of hours playing.  I personally can keep playing another thousand hours of the original and be happy.    So what I'm looking for in terms of answers isn't just making the game prettier.  I'm asking what can be done to make the game mind blowing, while still being true to the game.

Some ideas include:

Planets with a z-axis component in their orbit that pass through the x-y plane.

Voice commands

Multiple players controlling the same units (a cooperative game where one player can focus on resources while the other focuses on combat)

Customizable UI (add/remove components, drag and place, set transparency level, etc.)

Real life Vasari delivering pizza half way through the game as a distraction

Orbital structures that actually orbit

What else can you think of?