Please please bring back fleet management options!

Published on Monday, December 26, 2022 By captainkoloth In Sins II Feedback

Hopefully this is just one of those technical preview things that the team is planning to include (or maybe there's some new way to do this that I missed), in which case, please disregard the following. I did see in the player guide that multiple unit selection is not supported yet, so hopefully the below complaint is just part of that and can be totally ignored. If not:

I have played thousands and thousands of hours of Sins 1, I love it and still play it regularly to this day. I have been waiting for a Sins 2 announcement for years and years....

... but I have been banging my head against the wall for hours in Sins 2 just trying to organize a fleet. I can assign units to a ctrl+number group and bookmark them or have units move in a formation, but it doesn't seem like I can easily add or subtract units from such a group, select all units of a type, etc. The current system of just assigning everything to a ctrl+number group or formation is very clunky and affords almost no control compared to Sins 1 fleet management in which one can easily assign and de-assign individual ships, groups of ships, however you desire it, without having to break and re-form the entire fleet (as one would have to do here to e.g. add another ship to a number group or formation). Also, no rally points? No fleet tactics? No auto-join? Those are all bread-and-butter micromanagement avoidance options.

For example, in Sins 1, if I want to assign ships from factory 1 at my home planet to go to fleet 3 and ships from factory 2 at another planet to go to fleet 7 across the galaxy, I set rally points for each factory, set the ships to auto-join fleet, boom, done, one click. If I want to detach all the Cobalts from fleet 4 and send them to planet 6 to join fleet 9, one click, boom, done. And set fleet 9 to warp all together and engage across a whole gravity well? Two more clicks, done. If I want to do that here, it seems I have to keep a close eye on when the ship is done building, manually send it over to one of the ships in the ctrl+number group or formation, select all the ships in the formation plus the single new ship and create a new formation or ctrl+click group, and manually select it again and remove it from the formation (or re-create the ctrl+number group by including every other ship but that one). I can't set tactics for the formation or group, I can't rally new ships to it, I have no fine control over the constituents of the formation, I can't set ships to auto-join.... all I can do is one-by-one watch ships roll out of the factory (hoping I'm not doing anything else important that might distract me, especially since I seem to get no notifcation of the new ship builds), hope I remember which planets were building which ships when, manually command them to go the same general vicinity as the other ships, and hope I can select the exact set of ships I want to join a formation, then create a new formation... in which case the only control I have over them is that they warp in and out at the same time. This is a massive increase in tedious micromanagement and decrease in tactical control and automation from Sins 1. Before I had an intuitive, incredibly simple system to combine any selection of ships I wanted anywhere in the galaxy to execute any set of tactics I wanted with very minimal manual management required. Now, all I can do is shove a bunch of units together into deathballs, and only if I remember to do all the clicks in time for it to be useful.

Yeah, in case it's not clear enough, this is breaking my brain. I kind of hate it. I think it will just encourage players to doomstack everything in one fleet because otherwise it's so difficult and fiddly to use. 

Please just tell me this is a "coming soon" feature that's not part of this particular technical build so I can sleep well at night! I have enough faith in the Ironclad team that I'm sure it is, I'm just finding this so troublesome and game-breaking that I wanted to get in this feedback early in case for some reason it wasn't.