The questions run too deep for such a simple man

Published on Monday, January 16, 2023 By Timmaigh In Sins II Feedback

So i finally found some time and will to play my first prolonged session of Sins II and while i think i see and understand most of the changes that have been done, i am still unclear about some things, thus i am seeking some explanation here.

First and foremost, what is the speed level of the current game? Compared to Rebellion? I am used to play all at fastest, even for single-player games, and this feels kinda on the slow end. I played the random map maybe for 2 hours against singe AI, did not even meet them so far, and research-wise i am maybe halfway the tech-tree. I mean, i have that many labs and those research levels unlocked, not half of the research topics done overall. Its been bit tedious at times, especially from the start of the game i found myself strapped for cash quite often. Speed levels need to be in next update!

Is there any other way to get rare minerals aside of producing in Refinery? Does it make sense to build more than single Refinery? After all, you only need one to produce stuff...does additional Refinery increase the speed of the "refining" process?

What about trade, how does that work now? Do i still need to chain the tradeports to maximize the income? More importantly, i built tradeports on chain of my planets, and some of them were "producing" metal or crystals instead of cash? WTF? Need explanation how this works now.

I found minor faction in my game, some traders. As i understand it, finding them on map is now prerequisite to black market trading. Though i could only buy and sell crystals and sell them rare minerals - would other NPC faction for change buy/sell metal or sell rare stuff instead of buying it?

Additionally, once i found them, they were apparently allied to me by default. I had "break alliance" button available, but i never did anything to form the alliance with them in the first place.  I later researched Envoys and sent them there, but at that point we were already allied. This only led to my culture being spread to their world and them paying me some crystal bonus periodically.

Pirates - how they work now? There used to be separate button to deal with them, now they are only represented on the Minor Faction menu, but there is no working button there. Its cause its not finished or do i miss something?

Diplomacy - again, used to be separate research tree. Now i guess its part of Civilian Research - Policy section for Loyalists, as there is where you research Envoys and whatnot. But i dont see any pacts in there, which was big part of Diplomatic gameplay in previous game - are there not in anymore? Or just not yet?

How do you gain quarnium and what will you need it for? Titans?

I see Starbases are now built without the need of Constructor ship, just like any other Orbital structure. This i guess means no Starbase in neutral gravity wells or next to suns. Is this common mechanic for all factions, or part of the effort to make factions play different? So Advent/Vasari still might might be able to build in neutral wells? Bottom line, I hope this does not mean the end of moving Orkulus.


Thats all i can think of for now. Would like to finish my game tonight so if i encounter more unclear stuff, then i will update the post.

Many thanks for your response.