Sins II: Dev Journal 5 - The Sova Carrier

Published on Wednesday, January 25, 2023 By Yarlen In Sins II Dev Journals

This installment of our dev journal series we take a look at the updated TEC Sova carrier.

Prior to the war, strikecraft had proven to be an effective countermeasure to pirate incursions around planetary systems. After the arrival of the Vasari Exodus Fleet, the necessity for a mobile platform for strikecraft quickly became a necessity.

With the need to project power and secure territory more important than ever, the updated Sova-class has been overhauled into a true mobile war machine. True to form, the Sova-class is capable of deploying up to seven squadrons of strikecraft against enemy forces. Additionally, this ability has been bolstered by vastly increased internal manufacturing facilities that allow the Sova to quickly replace destroyed strikecraft; and can even augment local construction projects. These upgraded internal factories are even capable of producing corvette-class ships, giving the Sova the power to deploy units deep inside unknown territory.

Despite all of its inherent offensive potential, the Sova-class also is equipped with an impressive array of defensive weapons. Foremost of these are the Sova’s nine point-defense autocannons and its ability to deploy a dedicated point-defense weapon pod. These updates ensure that no missile or strikecraft will assault a Sova carrier easily.

Major Updates to the Sova-class Carrier

  • Deploy Point Defenses: Leveraging the internal factories on the Sova, it’s able to instantly deploy a pre-built point-defense pod. While incapable of lateral movement, this pod is equipped with both two point-defense autocannons and a long-range missile system.

  • Mass Production: An update to the original Sova ability, the enhanced manufacturing in the Year 35 ship allows the Sova to augment local construction within a friendly gravity well.

  • Mobile Corvette Factory: Perhaps the biggest update to the Sova is its capability to build corvette-class ships. This allows the Sova to deploy Scouts far from regular ship factories and to construct Shriken gunships for quick-strike operations.

  • Rapid Manufacturing: Another update to the original Sova, this optional upgrade shifts the internal strikecraft factories into overtime, greatly increasing replenishment time. Additionally, some of this increased manufacturing capacity is applied to other friendly strikecraft factories in the gravity well.


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