Technical Preview 3 Change Log

Published on Friday, January 27, 2023 By Yarlen In Sins II Support

Technical Preview 3 Change Log

Release Status: *** Available ***

Welcome to 2023! Our first release this year is Internet Multiplayer testing, with support for up to 5 players (this will increase to 10 in the future).

NOTE: This update is currently available on Sins of a Solar Empire II - Test Edition from the Epic store. This update is not save game compatible with prior versions.

Change Log


  • Added multiplayer fundamentals:

    • Create/Join lobby

      • Public and Private: When toggled to Private, others must join via game code.

    • Join/Rejoin with game code (auto-created by the system - snag in-game via Options menu)

    • Save/Load multiplayer games - only 1 player needs a local save.

    • Rejoin games-in-progress.

      • If you drop from a game, you can rejoin it in progress without having to load a save game.

      • If you’re playing with AIs and a human wants to join in, they will replace an AI player and take over their empire!


  • Added attack, defend and attention pings.

  • Press the 'g' key to load the ping cursor.

    • Pings can also be accessed from the chat menu (Enter).

  • Iterate through the ping types by pressing 'g' or the mouse button repeatedly.

  • Pings are sent to your last target in the chat menu (e.g., all, allies, specific player, etc.).


  • Added a ‘Toggle Hold Garrison’ button to the Advanced Planet Actions menu.

    • A red button means garrison units are on hold and will not leave the garrison gravity well.

    • A blue button means garrison units are not on hold and will roam to attack/defend nearby gravity wells.

  • Garrisons are now on hold by default, so they won’t wander without permission.

  • Garrison units ordered by the player to move to a foreign gravity well will stay in that gravity well until there are no more enemy targets (and will then return home).

  • Fixed the regular “hold position” order from being ignored by garrison units under certain circumstances.

  • Added garrison unit underlay when unit is in icon form.

  • Added garrison prefix to the unit name.

  • Fixed garrisons not checking unit limits.

Derelict Loot

  • Capture progress now slowly decays if the capturer leaves the capture area.

  • Capture progress indicators now use the capturing player’s color.

  • Units from another player that enter a decaying capture area accelerate the decay.

  • Added capture time remaining to the derelict tooltip.


  • Pirates will now auto-raid the lowest bidding player(s) in the pirate auction.

    • If there are multiple tied lowest bidders, they will all be raided.

  • The highest bidding player still wins the auction reward to send a pirate raid at their discretion.

  • Added penalized bid amount to the auction tooltip.

  • Added “Raid supply” line to pirate raid auctions and rewards.

Misc. Gameplay

  • TEC players now start with a Retrofit Bay at their homeworld.

  • Updated capital ship armor leveling curve.

  • Fixed culture from not working properly.

  • Added auto-queuing of research tiers when conducting research.

  • Fixed alliance offer assets and exotics not being properly refunded in all cases.

  • Defeated players now reset their auction bid state so they cannot win an auction.

  • Added charge duration capability to weapons.

  • Fixed units sometimes breaking out of ‘hold position’ order.

  • Added check that there are at least two teams to allow starting a game.

  • Fixed starbase tradeports.

  • Fixed AI picking a starbase as a desired factory to build at the start of the game.

  • Fixed strikecraft not using hangar points.

  • Fixed dead units from instantly losing their momentum.

  • Changed “Unbreachable Hull” research to unlock the last structural integrity component rather than the first.

  • Fixed missing burst pattern and misuse of phasemissile for TEC missiles.

  • Removed asteroid as valid location for Porous Core and Rusted Core planet bonuses/penalties.

  • Fixed Missile Barrage not benefitting from Precision Targeting tech.

  • Removed Akkan as a valid tradeport destination target (but he can still target other tradeport destinations).

  • Delinked Missile Barrage from a target that phase jumps.

  • Made most NPCs friendly with one another.


  • Improved meshes and textures of: Kol, Sova, Marza, Dunov, Harkca, Javelis, Prova, Ogrov, Bomber and Fighter.

  • Added new Pirate Base mesh.

  • Added new Pirate ship meshes.

  • Added new Neruda mesh.

  • Added new Sova pod mesh.

Particle Effects

  • Fixed infinite effects bug (e.g., pirate flare effects).

  • Fixed capital ship level up effects not playing.

  • Fixed beam weapon effect orientation.

  • Separated beam core and glow tiling animation rates.

  • Added intermediate update to Kol beam effect.

  • Added PSIDAR effect.

  • Added Hoshiko EMP effects.

  • Fixed various death sequence effect references.


  • Updated a variety of muzzle and impact sfx.

  • Rebalanced various weapon sfx.

  • Rebalanced various engine sfx.

  • Updated various explosion sfx.

Research User Interface

  • Added new, thicker research completed border.

  • Added new research frames.

  • Added completed research frame glow.

  • Added new research_has_external_link icons (e.g, pre-requisite).

  • Added first batch of new research icons.

  • Improved research completed notification tooltip.

  • Added research domain specific icon to insufficient_research_tier queries.

  • Added research queue claws.

  • Added research tooltip title pictures.

  • Removed research prerequisites from purchase tooltip in certain states.

  • Added uppercase research names for tooltip title.

  • Added flash to research tier buttons when acquired.

  • Added glow to research being unlocked or completed.

  • Added states to research link arrows.

  • Added completed overlay to research tier buttons.

  • Added research button outline state for unavailable.

  • Added glow to research field header labels.

  • Fixed research tree field windows not using full width.

  • Added alternating colors to research fields.

  • Added research field seperators.

  • Added alpha and disabled states to research tier buttons.

  • Added alpha fade out of research subject icons that don’t have unlocked tier.

  • Added research field picture stretch to fit.

  • Removed research field icons.

  • Added research domain details to tooltips.

  • Added research level indicators to domain buttons.

  • Added build overlay to research tier button.

  • Fixed production window showing over research window.

  • Improved research tier button tooltip title.

  • Added display of research needed in future to purchase tooltip.

  • Added auto-acquire previous research tiers when acquiring high level tier.

  • Added auto-acquire research tiers to all purchases.

  • Added research acquire_tier time tooltip section.

  • Changed research field names to be all uppercase.

  • Fixed some research window margin values.

  • Added new research tier button backgrounds.

  • Fixed research domain active glow only showing when mouseovered.

  • Removed hover flare glow from top of research buttons.

  • Improved waiting for research tier tooltips.

  • Added unlocked weapons to research tooltips.

Exotics User Interface

  • Fixed HUD exotic_factory_count_window not using proper count.

  • Fixed can build exotics not going false during last exotic factory death.

  • Fixed exotic counts of 0 showing up in alliance offers.

  • Covered building exotic buttons to same style as research buttons.

  • Added exotic type name to missing exotic error messages.

  • Improved can_make_purchase queries to show missing exotic, not that a factory is needed.

  • Added display of dominant missing exotic icon instead of generic icon.

Diplomacy User Interface

  • Added offer expired error.

  • Added alliance offer details to diplomacy window tooltips.

  • Added offer duration to create/accept offer button tooltip.

  • Added team icons to diplomacy window.

  • Improved visibility of offer being accepted.

  • Added not_included_in_offer transparency.

  • Improved alliance offer tooltip anchoring.

Auction User Interface

  • Changed exotic bid button to generate an error status message if the player has none of the required exotics.

  • Changed auction bid button tooltip titles to include the names of the asset and exotic used in their respective bid.

  • Added penalized bid amount to auction tooltip.

  • Added “Raid supply” line to pirate raid auctions and rewards.

Misc User Interface

  • Changed pan direction default setting.

  • Improved chat text readability.

  • Improved cursor picking.

  • Added culture change indicators to planet icon.

  • Added blinking “upkeep” indicator to planet icon.

  • Fixed notifications of “never detected” planets.

  • Added player icons to notifications to indicate context.

  • Fixed notification size and layout to handle other sizes.

  • Fixed missing waiting_for_factory_to_be_built tooltip icon.

  • Fixed jittering of unit group bandboxing when one unit is selected.

  • Fixed jittering unit group tooltip.

  • Added tooltip for bandboxed units.

  • Improved purchase section of starting tooltips.

  • Improved visibility of disabled lobby options.

  • Improved player tooltip section spacing.

  • Fixed camera focus target being lost on unit leaving gravity well.

  • Camera now detaches from focus target when panning.

  • Disabled rendering of planet bonus and artifact windows if empty.

  • Fixed new ability buttons not rendering passive abilities properly.

  • Added big build extractor buttons to colonized planet window.

  • Unified all build structure buttons to use pips.

  • Fixed “not ok” planet track upgrade icon not showing in tooltip.

  • Added status icons to planet track buttons.

  • Added HUD icon button pips.

  • Fixed tooltip window being stuck in huge size when changing dpi.

  • Fixed cannot build unit icon showing up too often.

  • Added waiting for supply icon.

  • Fixed assert in unit_items when attempting to sell a planet bonus (you can’t sell planet bonuses).

  • Added standardized waiting/cannot build icon style to tier buttons.

  • Updated scroll bars.

  • Added drag and drop player slots between teams in lobby.

  • Split planet components and civilian structure views in colonized planets window.

  • Improved tradeport tooltip.

  • Improved one,two decimal place text rendering.

  • Added ability to refund fully built items.

  • Added display of refund amount on tooltips.

  • Aligned tooltip value column when label is too large.

  • Improved purchase tooltips.

  • Updated alliance type tooltip icons.

  • Removed flare from planet bonus buttons.

  • Added new metal and crystal asteroid icons.

  • Fixed Military Orbital Structures string.

  • Fixed structure tooltip adding culture_side_effects when base provided culture is 0.


  • Added auto-scaling of dpi to fit minimum dimensions.

  • Fixed dpi setting providing bad scaling values.

  • Fixed running out of memory crash bug.

  • Fixed double-click scenario picker bug that caused duplicate game client setups.

  • Fixed issues with can_make_purchase with exotics and research tiers.

  • Fixed oceanic planet track pip assert.

  • Fixed culture propagation not working (for real this time!)

  • Fixed Hoshiko Robotics Cruiser getting multiple infinite orders.

  • Fixed crash sending pirate raid to a player that has no planets.

  • Added alert for tracking bug in a bad carrier window model.

  • Improved GDPR wording.