some suggestion and small requirement from an old kids

Published on Monday, January 30, 2023 By Bili-Kathrine1847 In Life, the Universe and Everything

I have fun in the SOSAE series from about ten years ago. And I have no doubt on this is only one good game of same roles.

The gameplay impressed me. I can spend whole day on one match vs AI without eating, so I got as many beats as I can from my parents. Before the other new games comes out. I thinks SOSAE is only one space theme RTS game. Even now, SOSAE is still got some part better than those new(especially on space fleets combat, and civilian ship traveling, really that Stellairs just make me feel some simplify on the war and combat).

I'm a steam player, so now I cannot get early access for now, but I have searched those video about the game(oh no, why did I got the news after such 3 months). I found the ships model got remake to be more fine with better texture. And the planets too. Icon is not a matter for now. I know the game is in progression. Those new things is satisfied me, but here is still something I want more.

So here is my suggestion or requirement:

1. Could those star system be more realistic, like orbits and satellite orbit, even the asteroid belt. Of course, no matter about the way of movement, it is good still. And the star map view.

you see, when I want to take a beautiful screenshot but feel it a little strange

2. I really want the UI is still colorful like old, not the early access's simplify UI. But if its the basement of future mods, nvm this suggestion.

those small civilian ships are many and interesting

3.Those civilian ships is fun after the match end. So I have an excessive demand. Could studio add some controllable ship and a mode that give me a chance to be a Rouge Trader with the travel full of events(I don't mean must be Warhammer 40K but just for some extra funny)(if there are technical limitations ignore this requirement too)

4.Last one. Could there be more such good CG movie, especially longer. Don't you think there should be a movie, but I did not find it.