Small little nightmare

Published on Thursday, February 2, 2023 By Spacegal In Sins of a Solar Empire II

Hello Sins fans!

The last night I'd a dream... well it's not true I was just thinking but it's a better narrative talking about dreams so

Well I was saying: after some playing sessions to both the games, the last night I had a 'small' nightmare (I know nightmares are real in these days I know and this is just a videogame I know but please follow the logic): I waited 10 years for Sins2 but now especially by looking at the roadmap and at the devs journal I have a tremendous doubt.

Hope to be wrong of course so this is just a report of a - for sure - wrong impression but well have you ever thought that the whole concept of Sins2 (so not talking about sound or graphics ) is maybe a little bit too similar to the first one?

I like a lot satellites and moving planets and also the new planet management but sometimes I've the impression Sins2 is likely going into the direction of making better the very same things that the first game already was doing in a pretty good way. I mean after 10 years I'd expected some above average news, some icing on the cake something new to the whole game logic.

We're still in tech_preview of course but if you look at the previous months and at the roadmap... well I cannot avoid to ask myself: when a capital ship is ready to be added we're happy and a new article on the journal appears - thank you for that - but the addition of capital ships of the first game could ever be the news we're expecting from Sins2 game? At my eyes that should be an assurance of finding something you know but not just 'the' news: it should instead be the medium which brings you to the news that the 2nd game will have or will add.

Of course capital ships are gorgeous but what'll happen when the artists and devs will finish with capital ships? Will then Sins2 be declared 'finished'?

It's just a fear/impression nothing more: for sure there will be a lot to come... but well a new game to have the Marza's missile barrage in 64 bit or the same shield tactic of the Advent or even to live 10 players fights without losing the framerate... well to me would be not the best way of exploiting and reviving the brand after 10 years.

I hope to be the only one having this impression and for sure I hope to be completely wrong: unfortunately the roadmap doesn't remove my for sure wrong impression sorry guys.

Thank you and kind regards.