Culture Spread Not Fully Working

Published on Sunday, February 12, 2023 By michaelkm8 In Sins II Bug Reports

I noticed that my culture was not spreading correctly after I took over planets.  I eliminated one team and their culture was still connecting their planets that I owned and each planets description said they were still the dominant culture.

I then eliminated everyone and owned all planets.  The other players culture was still dominant on their planets until I built broadcast centers on each planet that had a phase lane a different color.  However, my culture only spread to the next planet and no further.

I then noticed when a planet broke a phase lane connection due to planet orbits the phase lane would not turn red (my color) when making the new phase lane connections to the new planets.  I had 20 or so planets out of 40 with max broadcast centers so I should not have ever seen a phase line that wasn't red (my color).