Shield graphics

Published on Saturday, April 15, 2023 By alnachev In Sins II Feedback

Hi Sins 2 team,


Amazing progress, and I'm sure the game will be absolute state of the art for the genre.

I have a few suggestion about shield graphics:

1. Can you try to reduce the size of shield absorption animation -  I think this would create more realistic effect.

This is the animation that goes when every projectile hits the shields, the disipation effect is always on almost 2/3 of the ship surface. I think it would be a bit more realistic and probably interesing if it's not that overlaping - the size is reduced.
Of coruce your team would know how much it makes sense, but as an example if the hits is from left it makes sens to impact just smaller part around that spot that take the hit.

2. Smaller animation may allow for some randomizaiton, or if you have one already it may be more distinguishable

3. The shield impact coloring can be a bit less saturated or with less thickness in wave fronts

4.  More radial or spherical wave patterns will make the shift more interesting

5. Shield harmonics could be visualized with change in depth or color, glitches in the shields could have some distortion element


All and all I'm sure the graphical improvements that are coming will touch shielding animations. It would be cool if any of these ideas are inlinewith your plan for that, even though it's a just a tiny part of the graphics.


Thanks for the amazing game you are making


All best (get new race or titans sooner )!