Published on Monday, April 24, 2023 By larsoed4422 In Sins II Feedback

This topic is on Carriers. Currently, I dont feel there is much separation with bringing fighter/bomber support to a fleet between the Capital Ship Carrier and the Light Carrier. I always felt that the fighter/bomber squadrons on the Capital Carrier were to small. I feel it needs to be around 6. That way you can specilize the carrier more as Combat Air Support role, Attack role, or balanced. The light carrier is fine where its at. 

The Carrier should also stay back out of range from enemy fire, and the missile battery should be able to be launched as a stand-off weapon. Right now, it stays close to the Carrier so to get it in a position to actually be more supportive and not just an extra defensive weapon if the Carrier stays by it. So it can be used more strategically and make the enemy focus on and not just your Carrier group it if it was launched near research labs, resource structures etc..

This way your Carrier group can stay out of harms way from defensive platforms while fighters and bombers do their thing.