First playthrough feedback

Published on Sunday, May 7, 2023 By Matthew8094 In Sins of a Solar Empire II

Long time Sins1 player, just played a multiplayer game with some friends and wanted to leave some feedback. First off it's looking great, super excited to see what is to come.

A few comments, first off the early game feels very slow due to the slow repair rate on capital hulls, even with the early researches. The retrofit bay could have a permanent aura or something similar to help with this. Makes it hard to expand, which is fine but I spent half an hour just waiting whilst queueing researches and light frigates before I was able to push out, which is not very engaging. 

How the trade works was not very transparent, its not like in sins1 where its based on distance but im not sure how the limit per gravity well works with the number of cubes you unlock.

It would be nice a breakdown of the different armours on ships etc as from memory they all seemed to have the same armour?

I would prefer to reuse some sins 1 assets (e.g. titans, planet anomalies etc) whilst they get an overhaul to increase the playability at this time, for more feedback and bug finding but I understand why you might not do this as a developer. A few more maps would go a long way.

Finally the game feels really good but im hoping for a few more changes (along the lines of the planetary rotation) to really change the feel of the game, please dont just make an updated game with one or two differences, think big!