general thoughts

Published on Tuesday, May 23, 2023 By vampiro2025 In Sins II Feedback


first of all i want to say its great to get a Sins 2. And its nice to see the better graphics.

And also i need to say something about the game by now.

If i buy a Part 2 i wish some kind of brand new things. Changing game mechanics and including some kind of noble raw materials is not really something new if the rest doesnt change. I had hoped for a storyline with first some small ships and unlocking better the more i proceed in the campaign.

The next thing i wished for was a new race. This had been fun to discover. And some kind of brand new capital ships.

What doesnt work is scolling through planets when they reach low monitor border.

All in all its disappointing what i see til now. Even the promised Vasari race in "spring 2023" is still not playable. And spring ends in a week.

To sum up : Disappointing that there is almost nothing new just a push to gamemechanics and a little extra that could also be included in Sins 1 with a bigger "Add on patch". And also the graphics are really nice and the new layout of the Capital ships is really nice. I hope there will be a gloom graphic push like in Sins 1 to make the ships reflect and shine.