TEC: Titan Onslaught Change Log

Published on Tuesday, May 23, 2023 By Yarlen In Sins II Support

Release Status: *** RELEASED ***

May brings the onset of Spring at Stardock and Ironclad; it’s a good time to reflect on how things are progressing. We’ve received a lot of great feedback from players so far and it’s allowed us to enhance the game in many ways already.

This month’s release includes several highly requested features:

  • TEC Titans - The Ankylon and Ragnarov re-enter the war with all the Sins II trimmings!

  • TEC Novalith Cannon - This deadly superweapon returns exclusive to the TEC Rebel faction, granting them incredible power.

  • New Fleet System - You asked, and we agreed wholeheartedly: This update includes the first draft of our new fleet system.

  • Planet Updates - Constructor ships return along with planet elevators and orbital traffic.

Note: This update is not save game compatible with prior versions.

Change Log

Fleet System

  • Players can now form fleets of ships via the left-side empire window.

    • Add a new fleet by hovering over the left-side empire window and left-clicking the + button.

      • Selecting unit(s) and right clicking the fleet button will also create the fleet and add the units.

      • Selecting unit(s) and right clicking an existing fleet will add the units to the fleet.

      • Remove a unit from a fleet by clicking the ‘Leave Fleet’ button in the advanced ship actions menu.

    • Units rallied to a fleet will join it.

    • Remove a fleet by dragging it out of the empire window.

  • Reinforce

    • Fleets can reinforce their ranks using the fleet’s build interface when the fleet is selected.

      • The fleet will optimize where ships are produced based on the fleet’s location and various other factors.

  • Orders

    • In addition to reinforcement, fleet orders include move, attack, hold position and stop. Based on feedback we will add new orders, states and behaviors.

  • Fleets that have lost enough ships to empty a row of the formation will automatically compress to tighten the formation as appropriate.

Unit Control

  • Added rotate-in-place command to ships. Hold ALT when right clicking in a gravity well to have selected units face the direction you specify.

  • Changed left and right click to attack all enemy units in a selection window stack (e.g., to attack all siege frigates just click once on the stack in the selection window; instead of shift queue attack each unit in turn).

  • Removed strikecraft from the highest-level bandbox priority so they no longer get included with regular units.

  • Fixed order lines conflicting with phase lane rendering. Phase lanes are now suppressed and smoothly fade back in when order lines go away.

  • Improved ability button UI for channeling abilities.

  • Forced new key bindings to be used.


  • Added Trader Rebel and Loyalist Titans.

  • Added Novalith Cannon to TEC Rebels.

  • Upgraded TEC Rebel Insurgency to 300 supply (up from 50).

  • Auction Updates:

    • Added auction losing refund percentage (50%) for all players.

    • Added auction lost refund bonus research to TEC Rebels.

  • Minor Faction Updates:

    • Added Metal Monopolization reward: Provides you with a time limited exclusivity contract with the metal market.

    • Added Crystal Monopolization reward: Provides you with a time limited exclusivity contract with the crystal market.

    • Added Black Market Andvar reward: Provides you with a smuggled cache of Andvar.

    • Replaced Elite Mining Crews reward with Advanced Mining Rig: Highly customized mining machinery boosts metal extraction rates.

  • Added initial planet elevators and orbital traffic to help signal planet development level.

  • Added initial construction ships to build structures.

  • Ships in drydock will now fly out of the factory when construction is completed.

  • All planet bonuses were given more accurate planet_type constraints.

  • Added planet bonus constraint to avoid surface level conflicts.

  • Removed various obsolete planet bonuses that will be replaced in a future update.

  • Added queuing of ship components without a shop.

  • Added queueing of starbase components while under construction.

  • Changed home planet starting bonuses to planet components.

  • Upgraded Retrofit Bay to recharge its antimatter faster (to keep the heals coming!).

  • Fixed research prices.

  • TEC Rebel insurgent units that are no longer at enemy planets will auto-scuttle to avoid insurgents sitting around planets they shouldn’t be.

  • Starbase Docking Booms changed to do in-combat repair rather than passive regeneration.

  • Fixed inappropriate ships from acquiring strikecraft as their primary target (e.g., capital ships).

  • Restricted some ships' point-defense to only fire at strikecraft and torpedoes.

  • Slowed down orbits of planets closer to the star.

  • Fixed default factory rally points.


  • Added new garrison states “roam offensive” and “roam defensive.”

  • Garrison supply reduced by 25% (except for the home planet garrison).

  • Doubled garrison unit build times.

  • Moved garrison order management to the garrison planet component. The component itself will now represent the three different behaviors.

  • Fixed garrison units being stacked with normal units in selection window.

Galaxy Generation

  • Added formation spawning for player starting units.

  • Improved how formations spawn in a gravity well.

  • Setup formations for minor factions.

  • Update map names and descriptions.

Minor Factions

  • Added Advent Apostate Merchants as the merchant NPC.

  • Added Vasari Outcast Miners as the mining NPC.


  • Added initial star model.

  • Added initial gas giant model.

  • Updated Trader normal and adaptive shield effects.

  • Updated various weapon and ability particle effects.

  • Added initial ship and structure under construction effects.

  • Added initial star and star surface texture.

  • Updated asteroid props.

  • Updated Dunov materials.

  • Added visible missiles on a variety of ship meshes.

  • Adjusted some mesh icon visible distances.

  • Updated beam effect on starbase.

  • Updated capital ship light autocannon hit effect.

  • Added depth fade to a variety of effects.

  • Updated some death sequences for large units/structures.


  • Updated bottom bar.

  • Added Exotic Factory building counts blink duration.

  • Added flash to Exotic button when any exotics received.

  • Added flashes to top bar buttons (e.g., trade import points acquired).

  • Added invalid ability target planet alpha. Replaces old unused underlays; now consistent with picking alliance offer planets.

  • Added new dialog frame to all HUD dialogs.

  • Added saving of notification cards.

  • Aligned Exotic Factory owned and building counts with one another.

  • Changed alliance offer notifications to be persistent with progress bars.

  • Changed top bar assets text to be consistent with other components.

  • Fixed delay between consuming last item and it being removed from inventory.

  • Fixed notification card layout off by 1 errors.

  • Fixed notifications aligning with top bar buttons.

  • Fixed players window opening sometimes when closing alliance offer window.

  • Fixed selection of single ships not showing up in planet pip group rendering.

  • Improved errors around missing research labs. Now explicitly says “labs” instead of just “research” to avoid confusion.

  • Removed extra thick phase lanes for PSIDAR.

  • Split up count text on all HUD buttons to top and bottom when building, consistent with the Exotic Factory window.

  • Stabilized clock text as it increments.

  • Updated victory window to use new dialog frame.

  • Update orbit direction line colors and length.

  • Improved unit selection outline aliasing.

  • Reduced size of garrison unit underlay.

  • Added a wide variety of icons for build menus, research, abilities, components and auctions.

  • Adjusted ui_status_border sizes.

  • Fixed research tier upgrades waiting for research labs messaging.

  • Added tab to toggle between research windows instantly.

  • Exposed camera settings for edge panning, invert horizontal rotation and invert vertical rotation.

  • Fixed mesh outlines appearing through meshes as if they were transparent.


  • Added unit order tooltips. You can now see that units are attacking a group of units and not just one unit.

  • Improved auction tooltips.

  • Fixed hit box used for auction tooltips.

  • Improved modifier tooltip rendering to show ratio values.

  • Added exotic count action tooltip line rendering.

  • Added click instructions to garrison tooltip.


  • Updated Dunov Energy Transfer sound fx and duration.

  • Added TEC ambient music track.

  • Updated phase jump sound fx.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed scouts no longer exploring due to autocast wiping out orders every update.

  • Fixed alliance offers expiring not refunding assets and exotics.

  • Fixed autocast of untargeted abilities not working when given explicit orders.

  • Fixed bug in late game culture rate spread. Resistance and synergy were not properly checking the update tick, so old phantom resistance that doesn’t exist anymore was being factored in.

  • Fixed create_unit atomic failing to create units. Caused two abilities on the Marza to no longer work.

  • Fixed death sequence effects spawning when zooming in after a unit has died.

  • Fixed higher research tiers being acquired before lower tiers are finished.

  • Fixed hyperspace exit effects showing when zooming in late to a gravity well.

  • Fixed player window auto-opening when game is over.

  • Fixed built ships all coming out of the same factory.

  • Fixed some buff effects not being released.

  • Fixed “Underdevelopment” spelling.

  • Fixed confusing culture resistance research subject names.

  • Fixed various strings.

  • Crashes and Asserts:

    • Fixed hard crashes in d3d11 when meshes are missing.

    • Fixed crash bug when using consumable items.

    • Fixed crash in firing missiles.

    • Fixed crash when moving planet track upgrades.

  • Fixed sync errors caused by different processor architectures (e.g., AMD64 vs ARM64). Only users with the same processor architecture can play with each other.

  • Fixed empty-id alert.


  • Added the ability to render WebM format videos.

    • Added teaser trailer to game start.

  • Added more optimizations to mesh rendering.

  • Fixed various collision issues.

June 2, 2023 Hotfix Change Log

Just a small list of fixes to deal with some issues in the TEC Titan Onslaught update.

Release Status: *** AVAILABLE ***

Change Log:

  • Fixed multiplayer sync issues.

  • Resolved various crash issues.

  • Fixed constructor getting stuck or becoming immovable.

  • Updated Titan weapon arcs.

  • Updated hyperspace sounds.