Planet shorcut (bookmarks?) info (left side) is placed too high and overlay news panel

Published on Wednesday, May 31, 2023 By Devil_Poul In Sins II Feedback

Hello. (finally found something iritating that should be fixed) 
As in title, the Planetary Bookmarks, or shortcuts (call it as you see fit) should be corrected. The top-most one, in defoult the homeplanet, is placewd too high. When the planet and orbital stuff are fully developed and placed and there is a major battle or a big fleet pasing  or upgrading Capital Ships, stripes indicating "fullnes" (?) of its area, it complately covers the NEWS PANEL! Literally no News can be seen and nothing can be choosen from that panel. I suggest moving Planet Shourtcut panel below the hight of the News Panel. (when i find the program i will add a screenshot of it) 
Best regards to devs