MadPhoenix`s Experimental Shipyard

Published on Saturday, June 3, 2023 By MadPhoenix In Sins II Modding

Hi, I`m MadPhoenix.

I`m setting up this thread as a sort of repository for the stuff I`m putting on Discord such as: Ships with oversized turrets glued onto them, Ships with, for their size, reasonably sized turrets glued onto them and other small projects.

If you have any request for small mods you`d like, go ahead. Thou I`m not going to promise any completion dates.


Mod In- and Deinstallation :

For the time being, installing a mod requires replacing game files, their default location via Epic being: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\SinsII .

To make installing a bit quicker, i have bundled my files into an "entity" folder, so you only have to throw that one into the SoaSE 2 folder and let it replace the files. If the mod in question has additional folders, the same applies. Mod install done

This will hide your existing savegames in the savegame browser, but they are still in the savegame file location.

This will happen to any saves that were made in a game state, meaning vanilla or set of mods active, other than your current one. You may want to keep backups of any specific setups you want to switch to regularly.

The easiest way to return to a clean "Vanilla" install, is to delete the "entities" folder, and any others you have modified/swapped and then re-download them thru the Epic Games Launcher. To do so open the EGL, go to the "Libary" tab, click on the 3 dots on the SoaSE 2 card, then on "Manage" and lastly on Verify Files, "Verify". This option will re-download any missing files. De-install done


Now, with the technical stuff out of the way, here we go!

The Mods:

Gauss Mod 1.1 - game version 1.12.5

Expands the effects of Gauss research to everything using Gauss weapons.

*Gauss Garda, Gauss Turret HC and Beam Ragnarov are currently installed in my game.


Gauss Turret HC - game version 1.12.5

Replaces the under-slung cannon of the Harcka Heavy Cruiser with a Kol Gauss Turret.


Garda`s variety pack - game version 1.12.5

Requested by Erebus on Discord, this is a collection of Garda versions replacing the Mk.2 turret with either a Starbase Beam turret, a Kol Gauss turret, or a Dunov Missile turret respectively. Please note that only one of these versions can be active at a time.


Beam Ragnarov - game version 1.12.5

Requested by Police Commissioner on Discord and my fanciest mod yet, this mod replaces the Rebel Titan Ragnarov`s Gauss turrets for custom Beam Turrets with increased "burn time" so you get to actually see them more, and the Missile Battery with a Gauss Broadside, firing 5x4 shots per weapon!

*mid testing, and already as big an endorsement as i can get

*mid testing of the Gauss Broadside


That are all of the for now ^^

Have fun!