Sins II Background Image in game

Published on Monday, June 5, 2023 By bthlonewolf In Sins II Feedback

Some general feedback and request.

Trade: took me awhile to get the hang of import/export but I'm liking the system. It's a tad disjointed when connecting the dots between what each planet offers, trade points, import/export, etc., but I do like it conceptually. Increases usefulness of trade slots on starbases; and also makes it less useful on some planets (which is good). 

Fleet: I also like the new fleet system. I'll have to go back to Sins 1 and compare but getting the hang of it. Also like the garrison and ability to control their behavior. 

UI: really like the clean UI and bookmarks. Please consider making the backgrounds configurable in game -- this might just be me, but that red background on the random map is really awful. Just makes everything harder to see. While the colliding empires one is better, I find the one in Shuriken best because it just blends into the background.