The problem with hosting this technical preview test phase game on Epic Games store

Published on Friday, August 4, 2023 By Gambit3689 In Sins of a Solar Empire II

A few months ago, I recall asking if Sins 2 could be run on a linux machine since Steam Proton is a game changer which allows compatibility layer to play 95% of all games on Steam.

I was thinking of pre-ordering the technical preview to test this on Linux Manjaro and see if Steam Proton would be able to run the game. However I have run into an issue which is immediately obvious. Since Sins 2 technical preview is not available on Steam but rather is being hosted on Epic Games store, I am unable to try Steam Proton because the game does not exist on Steam.

As a result, I can't test this out for the Devs. Would the Sins team be open to the idea of putting the Sins 2 technical preview game on Steam?