[Greed] Point Defense Strings

Published on Thursday, August 10, 2023 By Volt_Cruelerz In Sins II Modding

Point Defense Strings


  • Point defense autocannons now fire in shorter, denser bursts to look more like real-life point defense weaponry and avoid the silliness of seeming to shoot down dead missiles.
  • Point defense weapons have also been disambiguated in the UI based on whether or not they can attack things larger than a strikecraft.
    • PD-A (Point Defense - Attack): these turrets can be used offensively to attack other ships, such as on the Garda.
    • PD-D (Point Defense - Defense): these turrets cannot be used offensively, such as those on the Sova.


  1. Download the latest release from here
  2. Extract the zipped contents to %APPDATA%/Local/sins2/mods/, so that this file's path is %APPDATA%/Local/sins2/mods/pd-strings/README.md
  3. Add/Update enabled_mods.json
    1. If you don't already have one, add an enabled_mods.json file to your mods directory. It should look like the below:
    2. If you do already have one, just add in the element to mod_keys.

Example enabled_mods.json

    "mod_keys": [
            "name": "pd-strings",
            "version": 0