[Mod Utility] Greed Mod Manager 2.0.2

Published on Saturday, August 12, 2023 By Volt_Cruelerz In Sins II Modding

Introducing Greed, a mod loader for Sins II ahead of whatever official mod management implementation we end up getting.

Features for Users

  • No More Manual Deconfliction: Deconfliction of commonly modified files happens automatically for you.
  • Online Mod Installation: automatically install mods from a curated online list
  • Conflict Detection: if you try to enable conflicting mods, you will be warned
  • Dependency Detection: if you try to violate dependency rules, you will be warned
  • Mod Packs: easily share your mod lists with one another to play together.

Features for Modders

  • Selective Inclusion: Specify exactly what you want in your mod files, and don't specify what you don't care about.
  • Patch Merge: Greed can automatically integrate multiple mods, even if they modify the same file, reducing the boilerplate associated with small mods.
  • File Diff: see exactly what you changed versus the Sins II gold copies.
  • Dependency Management: no more bug reports from users who didn't install your dependencies
  • Comments: You can comment your files!