New player faction icons and color pallette?

Published on Tuesday, August 15, 2023 By Norska In Sins of a Solar Empire II

Any chance of getting a Homeworld\dawn of war 1 color palette where the whole spectrum of colors can be chosen rather than just 10 or so chosen colors. I don't understand why a restriction in color choice by the player is needed at all?

Bascially the two games mentioned above had a box that showed a whole spectrum of colors that a cursor could be dragged around to. They equated to an RGB color code. In addition a dark/light slider was also provided so you could adjust each of those colors.

Here is a video showing somebody using the system I would like for sins2. You can see in the bottom left the brightness slider as well as the mouse driven color slider. On the left up the side are the different colors already chosen, each choice applied to different parts of the model. 3 RGB number boxes are also provided so people can choose exact color schemes if they are trying to replicated a specific color set.


In addition are their any faction icons coming that are new. There is really only one I ever play with and that one is getting rather stale. Perhaps it should be possible for people to upload their own faction icons? Although this starts to bring in questions about what propagating peoples files to each other to enable other team members to see your faction icon would do.