The construction of ships and structures should have pre-rendered designs to better demonstrate the progress.

Published on Tuesday, August 15, 2023 By Sujeto-X523 In Sins of a Solar Empire II

The idea is very basic. Simply, instead of the structures and ships appearing to be built from the bottom up, they could have a better visual representation where you see a process where first a scaffolding is shown, then a skeleton, and then the components are added. It doesn't have to be animated, it will simply be a series of images that change every time 1/5 of the process is complete, so that would be 5 stages rendered.


Stage 1: Scaffolding.

Stage 2: Construction of the skeleton.

Stage 3: Complete skeleton.

Stage 4: Added some modules and components, with very mechanical appearances (as if they don't have the armor and external components yet)

Stage 5: Ship/complete structure.


Example image:


Vea un lapso de tiempo de Boeing construyendo el Dreamliner

Ship Construction GIF by bsurfn2day | Gfycat

Another spectacular example here:

I guess this would only apply to structures, flagships, and titans. I understand that it would be a very tedious job, but it would be worth it. Thank you.