[Greed] Constituent Components 2.1.0

Published on Sunday, August 20, 2023 By Volt_Cruelerz In Sins II Modding

Not all components are created equal. This mod seeks to improve the validity of all components as well as fill niches that were previously empty.

Something you'll notice is that the ones with limited uses have been made much easier to install so you don't waste so much time with your capitals away from the front as you expand.

Latest Release

Existing Components

  • Antimatter Engine
    • autocast: now exists (triggers at <40% antimatter)
  • Combat Repair System
    • autocast: now exists (triggers at 300hp missing)
    • healing: affects the fleet for 1/3 rate (5hps)
  • Derelict Specialists
    • changed to Tier 1
    • added unique icon
  • Exotics Salvage Policy
    • installation: 120 => 30 seconds
  • Heavy Gauss Slugs
    • armor penetration: removed
    • armor shred: 15% for 30s, no stacking
  • Reserve Hangar: removed restriction on already having a squadron
  • Salvage Kit
    • scaling: now scales with combat repair droid research for 10/20/30 HPS
    • targeting: can now apply to repair allied units as well
  • Volatile Accelerants: passively grants +25% linear and angular speed
  • Missile Armor: replaced with specialized variants. All types slow by 10% and grant +50 armor.
    • Explosive Reactive Armor: -40% missile and plasma damage
    • Hylon Fiber Armor: -40% phase gun and autocannon damage
    • Ablative Ice Armor: -20% beam and laser damage

New Components

  • Unbreachable Hull
    • Unbreachable Hull research is a prerequisite
    • +2000 hull, +0.4 HPS, +75 armor

Other Changes

  • Archaeology Center Prototype: clarified text. Did you know it gives you a cache of resources every 8 min? I sure didn't.


New Icons

Unlock Armor Specialization

Hylon Fiber

Ablative Ice

Explosive Reactive

Derelict Specialists