Possibility of adding a new attack command that might be the most useful command in the game?

Published on Monday, September 4, 2023 By Gambit3689 In Sins II Feedback

Dear Devs,

I was wondering if it's possible to create a new attack command feature for ships in this game similar to what is in Supreme Commander Forged Alliance does. What this attack command can do is > Select any ship units > Hold Shift > Right Click on Targets > use Shift + G. It is perhaps the most useful command function in Supreme Commander FA because it allows each individual unit you have selected in your army, to attack each unit target independently and separately of each other so your army is not focus firing on one unit but each of your units is firing on each independent target unit which has been selected. It saves having to manually select each ship in your fleet to focus on separate targets. And a fleet can consist of hundreds or thousands of ships, so it would take forever to manually select each ship to focus on a different target. If you're interested, please see this video because it explains how it works in Supreme Commander FA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSxP-UUe75I

This would be extremely useful because there are capital ship abilities within the fleet that works best targeting different targets independently instead of one target focused fire because it would be overkill. For example, the Advent's Radiance Battleship with Cleansing Brilliance ability does enough damage that you don't even need 12 of these battleships all using the same cleansing brilliance ability on one target if the enemy ship hitpoints is low enough that 3 or 4 cleansing brilliance can destroy an opposing capital ship. Anymore than that is overkill and would be wasted on one target. It could also be useful if you have thousands of bomber squadrons that can use Shift G to independently go after different targets.

Another useful feature of Shift G is the ability to dynamically control how units move to one particular spot which would be useful for situations like an TEC Akkan Battlecruiser can force foe and friend alike ships to cease fire with the Armistice ability, so it would be handy to use Shift G to direct your fleet of ships to one spot next to a TEC Akkan Battlecruiser, ready to wipe it out of existence when the Armistice ability expires.

It would perhaps be one of the most useful attack commands in Sins 2 I think. What do you think?