Does this game no longer have any community support?

Published on Wednesday, September 13, 2023 By SilentOrb.X3693 In Sins of a Solar Empire

On September 4th at 8pm, I made a post explaining how I was planning to get back into the game on my birthday during the sale, and I was saying it was strange that the sale advertised on Steam ended a day earlier than Stardock advertised. I got zero responses to my post asking why the price was not accurate according to the advertisement. I even sent Stardock an email from my steam account asking the same question and also had no response. (The price went back to 40 dollars a day early, the advertisement had it listed at 10 dollars before then). I thought maybe there was still at least some customer service workers for Stardock left for the game that would honor the deal they advertised and get back to me. But I guess I was wrong. And that's all the answer I needed. What a shame. Back then the game was somewhat decent, with community involved devs and more. But it seems it's been completely abandoned at this point. I've told my co-workers and friends the same thing. If there's no customer response after 10 days then it's pretty clear the game is over with and no longer has any employees supporting any new customers. Rest n peace.