Fleet Mgmt Suggestion

Published on Sunday, September 17, 2023 By Awaken6135 In Sins II Feedback

Hi all, loving the game so far. Looking forward to when it is released on steam so that I can buy it again. 

I know this game is about micro/ macro like a lot of RTS games, but I wish fleet management was a bit easier. I wish we could group our fleets up (more than control groups) and order ships from nearby gravity wells. Similar to how you could order troops in some of the older total war titles.

I like having "neat" fleets with specific numbers of each ship. I wish I could set those numbers in a fleet management window and have the game produce them from the nearest available shipyards and send them over. Maybe have a way to designate a capital/ titan as a "flag ship" effectively marking it as the waypoint for ordered ships. 

Its frustrating when you have 10-15 planets and don't remember where your nearest yards are, then moving things about. I should be able to focus on the "active" gravity wells, or the "front line" as much as possible.