Dev and evo or dev and not evo?

Published on Tuesday, September 19, 2023 By Spacegal In Sins of a Solar Empire II

Hi space sinners!

In these days I'm chasing the one I consider (for me at least ) as the most difficult achievement of Sins: having all the artifacts in one game without mod or custom .ini files. In the last playthrough I was really close and I was playing with Vasari and using the Kultorask titan, arguably one of the strongest in the first game.


When I read the Dev journal 10 of Sins II... well something came to my mind: I've seen the picture and maybe some minor change in weapon system but I cannot avoid asking myself -> where is the evolution?


To me the first thing of a game is being credible in its own game universe: I mean basically Sins talk about three races (four actually but anyway three as of now) which have invested everything to build the best warships ever invented and with Sins II it 'seems' that after a Diplomacy treaty and some Rebellion years those very three races are continuing producing the very same ships... what?!


Just to add an example of credible game world: you cannot give a laser weapon to a witcher because it's not consistent with its world and in the meantime you cannot expect that three races fighting for years will use the same ships blueprints again and again without evolution: that's not consistent with the game world in my opinion.


I'm expecting instead some real evolution of ships: ok maybe similar ships but evolved in some way and Sins II cannot be just some extra or different weapon MKII or something.


What do you think?


Thank you.