Vasari Purists - New Faction - 1.2.0

Published on Saturday, October 7, 2023 By Smarti12 In Sins II Modding

Hi everyone,

I made a mod that adds an entirely new faction to the current patch of Sins 2, the Vasari Purists.
This faction is entirely focused on a nomadic playstyle, as it is unable to to settle any planets at all.
You start off with a modified Vasari Rebel titan, and get tools to still actually play the game.
You're supposed to have the weakest economy, but they do have some tools.

Here is the link to the github webpage, where you can download the latest version directly, or download one of the archived updates:
martijnlv40/Vasari-purists: Sins 2 early-access mod (

The mod is also directly available from the Greed mod loader ([Mod Utility] Greed Mod Manager 2.0.2 » Forum Post by Volt_Cruelerz (

Of course, I'm very interested in any feedback, this is a very early mod that hopefully is fun, but also does not add any actually new mechanics and might feel a bit barebones. It's a prototype, but I'm pleasantly surprised by the general modding capabilities, while we are still far away from actual modding tools and the opening up of many parts of the game to modders.

A visual showcase:

Here's the full description:

Main features

- This mod changes nothing about other factions.

- Do not use this in combination with other mods as they might not work properly.

- Also, balance is very much TBD.

- You start out with a Titan instead of the Jarrasul, which is weaker than a standard Kultorask titan at this point.

- This titan is your 'capital'; if you lose it, you lose the game.

- It is also the only factory that can create capital ships.


- You have multiple ways to actively and passively gather resources:

- Active

    - The Jaratok Evader (former Jarrasul Evacuator) has an ability to gather metal and crystal from resource asteroids.

    - This resource extraction is also possible using a component, buildable on capital ships, the Titan and the Jarak Extractor (former Jarun Migrator).

    - An upgraded form of pillaging other planets that the TEC Rebels have can be researched.

    - The Jusotra Fabricator Cruiser can still be used to gather resources from destroyed ships, including a second upgrade technology.

    - Derelicts can still be gathered.

- Passive

- Three components can be built on capital ships and the Titan:

    - Metal Scrapers

    - Crystal Scrapers

    - Artificial Economy


- Civilian research also provides crystal income, and the first tier includes the +3 resource bonus that would otherwise be obtained from the capital.

- Culture, shipyards and research labs are all done via ships.

- Removal of all irrelevant content

    - This includes technologies, items and anything related to planets.

- 18 New technologies, many reworked

- 9 New ship items, many reworked

- 2 New ship, couple reworked

- Reworked Titan

- It is a phase synchronizer, collecting phase resonance if it is present in a gravity well

- It has two new abilities (a shield mitigation altering one and a turret deploying one)

- It can go up to level 12

- It is somewhat weaker starting out, but should balance out depending on item choices


- Many miscellaneous tweaks are included, like more starting resources, moving certain technologies to be researched sooner and a 200% build speed penalty on components when not near an item shop (instead of 400%) .


Known issues

- Resource extraction is based on a planet, instead of asteroids. This is because an ability cannot auto cast on resource asteroids at all currently. I will change this to what I intended once it's possible.

- Resource extraction gives both metal and crystal regardless of the type of planet (or asteroid; cannot be fixed right now).

- An error occurs when deploying the Titan's turrets; just skip it, I can't seem to fix it but it doesn't seem to impact anything (unsure whether this can be fixed, I wasn't able to).

- The AI naturally doesn't seem be able to handle the new faction at all, so I would not use random opponents (currently unable to change AI faction selection via modding) -if there is one in the game, they might give errors which you should SKIP/SKIP ALL if they occur.


Let me know if you have any feedback!