Animated ship parts

Published on Thursday, October 26, 2023 By mazurenko2133958 In Sins Modding

Hi everyone! It's fantastic that Sins 2 supports tracking turrets on ships (I have been waiting for this for ten years). I would love to know if the Sins 2 engine supports animated ship parts. In Sins 1, modders applied particle meshes to emitters on ship meshes to mimic moving ship parts (like with the pirate base skull). However, this method has a limited application because it gives nothing more than plain rotation of the mesh particle effect.

I would love to know if Sins 2 provides more flexibility for animated ship parts. It would be nice to see construction ships with working robotic manipulators or something like that. Or alien ships with moving tentacles like from:

The ending cutscene in Crysis 3: 

Or Mass Effect series: