Sins 2 deplomicy and spys update IDEA

Published on Saturday, December 2, 2023 By TheRocketShipBoy In Sins II Feedback


I think that they should readd most of the deplomicy feachers from sins rebellion making pacts, doing mishions, and sending envoies I mised that the most from playing sins 2 but I came up with a idea me personly im a snecky bugger so I like tricking peple so my idea is adding spys to elaborate it is the ability to make spynettworks on enemy planits. now how whold you establish one maby use a cind of spy colonly ship that is cloked and and establish on enemy planits, after you establish one you can see what is hapning in thats planits gravity well and then you can upgrade them so you can do stuff like steal a combat or collony ship (not capship or titan ship) and the enemy whold not no they can still move it but if they make it attack the team that stoal it it will atack the team it pertended to be collony ship whold set a collny for the team who stoll it but dowing spy missions has a risk a risk of it faling and the spynetwork geting termated and on your planits you can make counter spy outposts to find spys and destroy there baces now im not a game dev so this will need to be fleshed out more but in my opinion this could fit nicely in to the game play of Sins 2.  (PS sorry for the spelling I suck at it)