Scouts and save game

Published on Friday, January 12, 2024 By Bytor00 In Sins II Feedback

Hey all

I really loved Sins 1. I have soooo many hours logged playing it. Sins 2 is looking very good so far.  I have about 15 hours in so far. 

However the scouts have always needed help. The initial 4 scouts I make at the beginning end up Criss crossing and back tracking when there are so many unexplored planets. I need to see ALL the planets near me as fast as possible early on. Right now I have already acquired a planet but don't even know what planet is right beside it. Please fix this. Here are some suggestions. 

First please give us the option of making them auto seek just like in Sins 1. During the game I make some and go and do other things then come back to send them where I want and they are gone. Not only that, they are going where I don't need them. Give us the default option of auto seek or not before they are built.

The next thing is I would like options, like send on perimeter only which means it only stays along the perimeter.

Also to only seek unexplored planets. This is key early on as scouts get destroyed fairly quickly early on and there are many more to be explored.

Another option is staying close. Meaning it scouts all planets that are  right next to ones I control. I want to keep eyes on the close ones.

Also they are tooo slow. Please make scouts 2 time faster for both phase space and planetary movement. Maybe scale this with the size of the map? Bigger maps get faster scouts.

The saved game feature. Please make it just like Sins 1. I play  huge maps and give my saved games very detailed names. Right now I am saving a game and don't remember  EXACTLY how I saved it so I get multiple saves of the same game. Please just let me check the already saved game and over write it. 


Thanks for reading.