AI behaviour

Published on Friday, January 26, 2024 By s2firestar In Sins II Feedback

So, after quite a few games in the current patch - it seems that no matter what I set the AI behaviour to, I get rushed after 30 minutes.

I would expect an aggressive AI to do that. A defensive AI? Maybe build starbases and slowly expand instead of trying to pummel me into the ground. An economist AI should not hit me with a sizeable armada in the first 20 mins (IRL) time.

And while we are at it, the AI does a terrible job with upgrading starbases. I have literally never seen a starbase that is fully defensive/offensive kitted - 3 levels of armour, 3 levels of fighters, and beam(wave) + missile upgrades. The AI never goes all in on this. And it is a shame, beacuse that level of upgrades would prompt me to use Ogrovs. But I am not forced to do so - beacuse even with the hardest AI, a Ragnarov can snipe the living sh*t out of the installation.

My suggestion would be for the AI to identify potential choke points in its empire and deploy super tough space stations there, along with appropriate defences. This is because once I get a foothold, then it's straight downhill for the AI.