Feedback, Vasari Alliance, Titan Kultorask

Published on Monday, April 1, 2024 By ??? "??????" inc.7219 In Sins II Feedback

Good afternoon, I would like to give feedback about the Vasari Alliance titan, having played several games for it both with bots and online, I came to the following conclusion - this titan is extremely strong after level 3, it can literally only be destroyed by the Ragnar titan or a horde of bombers, because no matter how huge an army you bring to the battle, he will still not die, he will endlessly heal and gradually destroy the entire enemy fleet. I understand that this titan was intended to be like this, but he is the only one who can completely emerge victorious against a huge army, for example, 1 kultorask vs 1 ankylon and 100 harka, or 300 javelis, it seems to me that you need to slightly reduce the amount of treatment received from 1 ability.

I don’t know English and I’m writing this through a translator, so forgive me if there are grammatical errors in the text.